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Your publication "11 Reasons to Invest in Montenegro" is specially well written and beautifully organized. Such publication will be of great help to our members as potential investors to your country.

Andrijana Jovanovic Pozzi

Italian Chamber of Commerce for Serbia and Montenegro-ITALJUG

"The Montenegrin Investment Promotion Agency has been an excellent partner in helping us meet our goals and promoting investment opportunities in Montenegro."

Robert Walker

Assistant Secretary, State of Maryland

"MIPA's Country Report - A treasury of facts for the investor in Montenegro. An illustration of how investing in Montenegro really is: simple and easy. Well done!"

Gino De Reuwe


“Toplo zahvaljujem na paznji koju ste nam ukazali prilikom susreta u prostorija agencije MIPA. Nalazim da je sastanak bio jako koristan, i da ce doprinijeti boljoj bilateralnoj saradnji i uspostavljanju novih kontakata. Sa licnog aspekta, istakao bih Vas korektan i prijateljski odnos.”

Branko Rakovec

Generalni konzul Republike Slovenije

”I would personally like to thank you for your kind participation and support in the organization of the Swedish Trade Day in Montenegro. I am sure this event will be start of the kind of intensified cooperation in the commercial and economic field which we are aiming for. Once again thank you for supporting our efforts in further developing the commercial relations between Montenegro and Sweden and I look forward to future cooperation.”

H.E. Lars-Goran Engfeldt

Ambassador of Sweden

Colliers International can proudly say that we have an extraordinarily good relationship with MIPA agency. Since we entered into the Montenegrin market we have recognized MIPA as the best agency in relation to foreign investment business and we can say that during previous two years our co-operation has been excellent.

Colliers International

"Areas in which the company expressed satisfaction include a legal system established to EU standards, tax and currency policies that also conform to EU standards, and an excellent labor force."

"Montenegro Government has had a long term desire to be integrated to EU and therefore public policy and laws – business and general - follow EU guidelines. Monetary and tax system is complaint to EU regulation, Montenegro official currency is Euro."

"All of the people we dealt were very capable and with high integrity. Government is big enough to have necessary stable bureaucracy but small enough that necessary requirements could happen quickly."

"Request from Government was very little. They demanded investment far lower than our business strategy. They understood our desire to grow up the company and they supported, assisted us very well based on Daido's request."

"The workers and existing management of the company have also done a great job to understand and after 10 years of wars and embargos they understand they have a lot of things to learn and grow up."

Mr. Tim Allen, Manager

Overseas Sales and Affiliated Company Department, Thin Wall Bearing Company, Daido Metal Ltd

“I honestly think the two booklet are easy to understand, handy to carry and contains enough amount of information. Especially, the FAQ 111 has Japanese edition, which is extremely helpful for me to discuss the potential opportunities. As to Country report, it is as good as FAQ 111, but a little more connection to future vision and policy of government.”

Nobuyuki Ota

Valeocon Management Consulting, Japan

Colliers as one of the world leading companies in consulting real estate area has been co-operating with all major investors in Montenegro. Together with them we have been visiting MIPA for consultancy and all of them were and they have been still very satisfied. Also, we need to say that “Country Report” and “111 FAQ” done by MIPA are so useful and so professionally done that our investors can find every single detail which they need before making decision to invest. This is an example of professional and effective work done by MIPA. We remain assured about our co-operation in future period and we are looking forward to realize new major projects for Montenegro together with MIPA.

Colliers Montenegro