Average monthly salary

482 EUR (January 2015)

Social security contribution as % of monthly salary

pension an disability insurance with the rate 5,5%;
health insurance with the rate 3,8%;
unemployment insurance with the rate 0,5%;
Labour Fund with the rate 0,2%.

Office rent in Podgorica (per month)

5 – 30 EUR/m2

Purchase of residential estate

1000+ EUR/m2

Water charges for industrial use

1.33 EUR/m3 economy
0.405 EUR/m3 households

Charges for waste water

0.202 EUR/m3

Average Price of Electricity

0.02-0.05 EUR/kWh

High-speed internet connection (7 Mb/s)(ADSL) (per month)

25.59 EUR

International phone call, EUR/minute

Region: 0.1100 EUR
Europe: 0.1500 EUR
US and Canada: 0.0850 EUR
Rest of World: 5.000 EUR
Satellites: 0.9000 EUR

Local and Long distanse phone call, EUR/minute

Local calls: 0.0125 EUR* 0.0090 EUR*
Intercity: 0.0250 EUR* 0.0175 EUR*

* Phone call prices are half of above prices during the following periods (07h-19h) and (19h-07h)