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Safe And Stable


Safe And Stable

Over the past few years Montenegro has developed into a stable democratic country with a fast growing market economy. The youngest independent country of the 21st century, Montenegro severed its remaining ties with Serbia in May 2006 and became a sovereign country taking a full responsibility of its future development. Open economy and business-friendly environment has become one of the cornerstones of Montenegrin economic policy.


With growing GDP and falling inflation rates Montenegro has enjoyed a healthy economic development over the past five years and became one of the top economic performers of the region.


For more detailed macroeconomic indicators, visit section Major Macroeconomic data.


Montenegro received a positive assessment of the country’s feasibility study for concluding the Association Agreement with the EU. Montenegro has broad negotiating platform and it is the first country which negotiating structure includes the representatives of the civil society and the Parliament (out of nearly 1300 members of the work groups, civil sector takes up almost one-third).
The first phase of negotiating process was successfully finished at the last, 64th meeting of analytic review of harmonization of the national legislation with the acquis communitaire, June 27th 2013.

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