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Payment Options


Payment Options in Montenegro



- Official currency in Montenegro is EURO. EURO was introduced under the Law on the Central Bank - as a substitute for Germany mark in 2000, which replaced the dinar. The euro is marked with EUR or sign €.





- Valid cards that are widespread in Montenegro are: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Diners. In almost all objects of payment nature (shops, hotels etc.) customer is able to pay his/her bill with credit cards.



For more information about the payment with cards you can send inquire to any bank in Montenegro:



BankWeb Address
Atlasmont bank
Hipotekarna bank
Invest bank Montenegro
NLB Montenegro bank
Hypo Group Alpe Adria
Podgoricka bank Societe Generale Group
Commercial bank
Universal Capital Bank
Prva Banka
Erste Bank
Lovćen banka




Cashier Checks

- Option for converting cashier checks into cash is available in Montenegro. The banks in Montenegro have option to convert cashier checks into cash, and with this option traveling without the money is available in Montenegro.