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Feel The Life


Feel The Life

Discover Montenegro as a very challenging country for the living and business!

Montenegro is a country of contrasts: from mild Mediterranean to a severe mountainous climate, from fruitful plains and river valleys to high and arid mountains. On its rather small surface area, a cultural heritage originated from the time of creation of the first human communities until the present. It is almost a privilege to be situated on the boundary of two large civilizations (eastern and western), three great religions (Orthodox, Catholic and Islamic), numerous known and unknown builders, painters and carvers, masters of sophisticated crafts, writers, transcribes and typographers, from whom we inherited the masterpieces of their hands and their spirit, sublimated nowadays into a wealthy cultural heritage.

Two UNESCO World Heritage sites are located in Montenegro: the Old town of Kotor as cultural heritage and Durmitor national park as a natural heritage. Cultural life in Montenegro is quite rich. There are nine theaters (seven professional) with over 400 performances per year, 41 radio stations, 19 TV stations and 20 public libraries. Year by year the number of events is increasing, including concerts of well know musicians, fashion shows, Formula One boat races, international music festivals, international movie festival etc. Over 1,000 sports clubs are registered in Montenegro. The most popular sports are football, basketball, handball, volleyball, water polo and tennis. The large number of the restaurants, coffee bars and services to support your business needs, together with 240 sunny days at the costal area, offers a strong foundation for an excellent quality of life.

In economic and social sphere, Montenegro is characterized by a relatively high level of development inherited from the period before the crisis of the nineties of the last century. Especially are important achievements in the area of development (high level of education system and health care system), which are contributed to the fact that now Montenegro has significant potential in the area of human resources and a solid basis for economy recovery. Economic reforms are underway and European integration which the country process, aspires to represent an additional incentive and potential for rapid and sustainable development of economy and society. Especially important is the value of cultural diversity, which also can give a significant contribution to sustainable development.