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Competitive Tax System


Montenegro’s tax regime has become one of the most competitive in whole of Europe. With 9% corporate profit tax rate companies operating in Montenegro enjoy not only a business friendly environment but also a low tax burden, thus maximizing their operational profit.



TaxTax Rate
VAT Standard rate – 19 %   |   Lower rate – 7 %   |   Zero rate – 0 %
Corporate Profit Tax Flat rate – 9 %
Personal Income Tax As from February 2013, salary up to EUR 720 (EUR 480net) remains subject to 9% tax; salary in excess of this amount is taxed at a rate of 15%. 
Property Tax
(Source: Ministry of Finance)
Proportional tax ranging between 0.08 % - 0.8 % of the immovable property’s market value


“Montenegro's economic transformation could define the budding nation as one of the world's most business-friendly countries.”

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Montenegro Tax highlights 2017