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United Arab Emirates - the largest foreign investor in Montenegro in 2017

By ADMIN   25.01.2018   25600

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the largest foreign investor in Montenegro, investing 92.8m euros in the first 11 months of last year according to the data of Central bank of Montenegro (CBCG).  The money that came from the Emirate in 2017 makes up almost a sixth of the total foreign direct investment, worth EUR 538.3 million. This country, according to the CBCG, has invested the most in companies and banks. In the past few years, they invested in many significant projects in Montenegro, and one of the major UAE investments was the construction of Capital Plaza in Podgorica, for which they invested 140 million euros. Also, investors from Emirates had invested in the last two years at the nautical settlement Porto Montenegro in Tivat, and substantial funds have been invested in the construction of the New Democratic Combine, which is due to begin next month. The inflow of foreign direct investment (SDI) has increased by 13.4 percent over the 11 months of last year compared to the same period of 2016. Russia ranked second in terms of investment in our country, with 54.7 million, and Italy ranked third, sending EUR 47.5 million in Montenegro. The fourth largest investment spot is occupied by Azerbaijan, which has invested more than EUR 45 million, while Germany ranked fifth with EUR 36.3 million in funds. Following are Switzerland, with 35.2, Serbia with 28.4, while Cyprus has invested EUR 24 million in our country. Turkey and Spain occupy the ninth and tenth places with investments worth EUR 21.5 million or EUR 15.5 million. It is also interesting that there were investments from Panama and the Virgin Islands, states that were labeled as tax havens. Panama reached 3.4, with the Virgin Islands 2.4 million euros. When it comes to US investments, they invested EUR 9.8 million and compared to 2016, when they were 22, last year they were thirteen when it comes to investments in Montenegro. Norway, which was the largest investor in 2016 with the investment of 189 milion of euros, invested only EUR 742,140 in the first 11 months of last year, making it 38th in the list for inflow of investment into our country. According to the data released by the Central bank of Montenegro, foreign investors have invested most of their money in the intercompany debt, EUR 219,1 milion. The Central bank of Montenegro specified that following are the investments in companies and banks, EUR 152,7 milion, than the real estate investments worth EUR 132,4 milion. Among the countries of the former Yugoslavia, Serbia invested the most, which makes it the seventh in the FDI inflow. During the first 11 months of the last year, EUR 28.4 million came from this country. Investment inflows from Croatia was EUR 8.1 million, while Slovenes invested EUR 4.4 million in total. Next in line are Bosnia and Herzegovina, with 3.8 million invested funds and Macedonia with EUR 437,860. When it comes to other countries in the region, there was an investment from Kosovo and Albania. Albania invested EUR 314,130, while Kosovo invested EUR 1,9 million.