State of Montenegro

Project type:


Total surface area:

30597 m2



The site is located south of the estuary of Sutorina River and north of Njivice settlement. The site is 5 km away from the centre of Igalo and around 9 km away from the centre of herceg Novi.

The area is confined by the beach at ‘Pećine’ on the north side, by the Njivice-Kobila-Prevlaka road on the western side, by the settlement Njivice on the south side and by the sea coast on the east side.

A detailed representation of the site between Njivice and the estuary of Sutorina River was made within the Special Purpose Spatial Plan for the area facilitated by the Public enterprise for Management of Marine Zone “Morsko dobro”.

Planning documents provide for an opportunity to create of a hotel with approximately 1,000 m² of commercial and common rooms, apartment block of up to 7,000 m² containing 80-100 hotel apartments, commercial premises complex of up to 700 m², 300 m² yachting service and 1,000 m2 garage area (total 2,000 m²); construction of commercial and apartment amenities with a total of eight hotel apartments and 300 m2 of office space (total 600 m²) in the rear of the boat mooring. The plan envisions a 5,000 m² beach and 40 berth marina for the use of the hotel and 15 berths for local boats.

Download planning documentation here: