State of Montenegro

Project type:


Total surface area:

13951 m2

The Military and Tourist complex Military facilities Mediteran in Žabljak covers the land with a surface area of 13,951 m². The complex comes with a total of 20 structures with a gross surface area of 487 m² that used to be a part of the former military and tourist resort. There are no registered encumbrances or restrictions on the property.

The complex is located in the settlement of Otoka, only 2km from the town centre, on a gentle slope that borders the road from Žabljak to the Black Lake.

The complex is covered by the Special Purpose Spatial Plan for the Durmitor area, as part of the detailed representation of the site of the former military resort, Žabljak municipality. The draft plan was developed and there are ongoing activities to adopt the plan. The plan provides for the demolition of existing buildings and construction of a new three star and four star tourist settlement, with the possibility to reconstruct a part of the existing facilities. The settlement is to incorporate a central building with related amenities (reception desk, cafe, restaurant) and 6 rooms, as well as 19 bungalows, with the total capacity of the complex of 66 beds.
The complex has infrastructure in place.