State of Montenegro

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The zone of the mountain center Kolasin 1450 is located in the south of Bjelasica area at the territory of the municipality of Kolasin. The area of the mountain center Kolasin 1450 and Kolasin 1600 is of 1.117. ha of surface area, comprising the existing mountain center in Kolasin. The zone for the base settlement is located at the central part of the mountain center at 1600 meters above sea level covering the surface area of 27,19 ha.


Scope area boundaries
The scope boundaries of the base settlement are defined by coordinates of break points and they are presented in the graphic schedule “Geodetic base with the scope area boundaries”.
Spatial organisation principles

The access to the base settlement is organized from the direction of Kolasin -1450 and from the direction of Lubnica-Berane. A network of internal traffic routes is planned inside the zone for access to the groups of planned facilities.

The basic uses of spaces are:
  • tourism;

    hospitality commercial facilities;

    transport areas (service and pedestrian communications);

    developed green areas.