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Serious plans of the Municipality of Ulcinj for investment promotion

By ADMIN   30.01.2017   25600

Montenegrin Investment Promotion Agency (MIPA) and the Municipality of Ulcinj have jointly organized a breakfast meeting with local enterpreneurs and businessmen at Dolcino hotel. The event The event  presented plans for the promotion of the Municipality of Ulcinj as an investment destination. 

Mayor of the Municipality of Ulcinj, Mr. Cungu, informed the atendees that the Municipality reached the agreement with Montenegrin Investment Promotion Agency, in order to create a special promotional material which will present all available investment projects. MIPA will promote these projects to the foreign investors at the most prominent real estate and investment fairs in the world. 

,,The recent adoption of the Spatial Urban Plan of Ulcinj created the conditions for a new investment cycle and eliminate many of the barriers that have been present so far '' he added.

He also mentioned the major infrastructure projects for which implementation resources are provided and which will raise the attractiveness of Ulcinj as an investment destination, such as projects of regulating water supply and sanitation in the Ulcinj Municipality and the opening of a new border crossing with Albania at the river Bojana. 

Director of the Montenegrin Investment Promotion Agency (MIPA), Miloš Jovanović, said that this governmental agency will fully support the authorities of the municipality in their attempt to attract foreign capital and investors in their city. 

,,This is a unique opportunity for your investment projects to be, completely free, part of a brochure which will be printed in several languages and will reach the most renowned and reputable foreign investors'', Jovanovic said to the group of local businessmen.

Employees of Montenegrin Investment Promotion Agency, Marija Bošković and Aleksandra BUčevac Goranović held a presentation on the benefits and incentives that Montenegro offers to foreign investors. 

The Cabinet of the President of the Municipality of Ulcinj will, in the forthcoming period, announce a public call for all the interested parties who want to include their projects in investment promotional material of the municipality.