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Representatives of MIPA took participation on Joint Working Group on Investments SEEIC - CEFTA

By ADMIN   08.08.2016   25600

Representatives of MIPA participated on Joint Working Group on Investments (WGI) SEEIC-CEFTA, held in Belgrade on 31st of March. MIPA is giving direct support to South East Europe Investment Committee, together with other institutions in SEE countries dealing with investment policies, promotion and attraction. Within the meeting main question which was addressed is sector pragmatic approach towards making SEE region better connected, integrated and competitive, also to facilitate the seamless flow of goods, people, services and investments.

Active cooperation of governments to identify pilot actions and policy measures to address the bottlenecks (transport, energy, trade facilitation) is actively supported by RCC. One of the questions that MIPA representatives brought up, was related to options for institutionalization of centralized coordination for regional FDI attraction and promotion. Mentioned question will be addressed by RCC and legal experts as part of policy measures in future activities concerning Regional Investment Policy Program.