Operational Costs

Doing business in Montenegro comes at lower costs than in most other European countries while the quality of provided services is at comparable level. Some of the basic indicators of the operational costs are presented in the table below.

Average monthly salary

482 EUR (January 2015)

Social security contribution as % of monthly salary

pension an disability insurance with the rate 5,5%;
health insurance with the rate 3,8%;
unemployment insurance with the rate 0,5%;
Labour Fund with the rate 0,2%.

Office rent in Podgorica (per month)

5 – 30 EUR/m2

Purchase of residential estate

1000+ EUR/m2

Water charges for industrial use

1.33 EUR/m3 economy
0.405 EUR/m3 households

Charges for waste water

0.202 EUR/m3

Average Price of Electricity

0.02-0.05 EUR/kWh

High-speed internet connection (7 Mb/s)(ADSL) (per month)

25.59 EUR

International phone call, EUR/minute

Region: 0.1100 EUR
Europe: 0.1500 EUR
US and Canada: 0.0850 EUR
Rest of World: 5.000 EUR
Satellites: 0.9000 EUR

Local and Long distanse phone call, EUR/minute

Local calls: 0.0125 EUR* 0.0090 EUR*
Intercity: 0.0250 EUR* 0.0175 EUR*

* Phone call prices are half of above prices during the following periods (07h-19h) and (19h-07h)