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National Investment Commission adopted a List of Key Priority Infrastructure Projects.

By ADMIN   27.03.2018   25600

Podgorica, Montenegro (26 March 2018) -- At today's 6th session, chaired by its President Prime Minister Duško Marković, the National Investment Commission adopted and submitted to the Government for consideration and adoption a List of Key Priority Infrastructure Projects.


The List contains 36 projects totaling EUR 2.13 billion: eight projects in the field of energy in the amount of EUR 1.17 billion, six projects in the field of transport in the amount of EUR 789.6 million, three projects in the field of environmental protection in the amount of EUR 62.9 million, ten projects in the field of social services in the amount of EUR 74.2 million and nine projects in the field of other infrastructure in the amount of EUR 28.3 million.


The Commission agreed that the Single List of Priority Infrastructure Projects includes projects such as the International Institute for the Development of Sustainable Technologies in South East Europe with the “Science for Peace” missionand the construction of two facilities for three clinics of the Clinical Centre of Montenegro, such as: Clinic for Infectious Diseases, Clinic for Dermatovenerology and Clinic for Psychiatry. Estimated value of construction of clinic facilities amounts to EUR 7.4 million.

The National Investment Commission was informed about the Information on projects nominated within the 19th Western Balkans Investment Framework Call for Technical Support in Project Preparation. The Information indicates that Montenegro nominated three projects: Preparation of the preliminary project for the priority sub-section of the bypass around Budva, within the Adriatic-Ionian motorway/high-speed road, 2nd phasePreparation of a strategic environmental impact assessment and accompanying documentation for reconstruction of the road Šćepan Polje – Plužine and Preparation of the main project and tender documentation for the reconstruction of the railway line Podgorica – border with Albania.