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MIPA has organised a business meeting with Chinese delegation

By ADMIN   26.09.2017   25600

Montenegrin Investment Promotion Agency (MIPA), in cooperation with the Secretariat for Development Projects and Directorate for economic diplomacy and cultural cooperation, has presented an investment climate in Montenegro, as well as the ongoing and potential investment projects, to the delegation of Chinese companies: Sichuan Hongyi Industrial Group Co., Ltd, YIHUA LIFE STYLE  Technology Co. Ltd, Zhoushan Yatai Shipbuilding Repair Engineering Co. Ltd, Yuang Dong Gold Industry Congo Co. Ltd, Yuang Dong Wood Congo Co. Ltd, Hangzhou Yatai Industry Co. Ltd,  Guangdong Furniture Association, YIHUA Immobilier  Co. Ltd,   Si Chuan Hong Yi Industrial Group Co. Ltd , Si Chuan Hong Fu Trade Co. Ltd, Guangdong Furniture Association, YIHUA LIFE STYLE  Technology Co. Ltd, Shan Tou YIHUA  Import & Export Co. Ltd, Da Zhou Da Chang Industrial Co. Ltd, Da Zhou Hua Xia Kang Nian Industrial Co. Ltd, Si Chuan Hong Yi Industrial Group Co. Ltd,  YIHUA Group and Si Chuan Hong Fu Trade Co. Ltd.

After the introducing words of a director of MIPA, Mr. Jovanovic, an acting secretary of Secreatariat for Develompent Projects, Ms. Vukovic, general director of Directorate for economic diplomacy and cultural cooperation within the MInistry of Foreign Affairs, Ms. Ambassador Vukadinovic and a  head manager of City of Podgorica, Mr. Djekovic, representative of MIPA, Mr. Radovic held a presentation on investment climate in Montenegro, tax system, comparitive advantages, investment incentives, ongoing and potential projects in the sectors of transport, tourism and energy. Mr. Vatrosav Belan, who was for a long time a First Counsellor at the Embassy of Montenegro to the PR China, also has emphasized an importance of strategic geographic position of Montenegro on the European map, and value of that position to the Chinese One Belt One Road Initiative.  

Mr. Liu Shaoxi, a head of the delegation and vice-president of China International Chamber of Commerce, has expressed a gratitute for organisation of such an event and present mission and projects of his organisation with hope of future cooperation with Montenegro's institutions. Mr. Liu Zhuangchao, a president of the YIHUA Group, has held a presentation on his company, with more than 100 strategic investments, 50 000 employees, more than 70 billion yuan total assets and 1,5 billion tax paid. The branch of YIHUA Group, YIHUA Life is for the five consecutive years in the list of the most valuable brands in China. YIHUA Life is composed of more than 200 domestic enterprizes and oversea offices operating in furniture business. The second branch of YIHUA Group, YIHUA Health Care, owns 60 hospitals with 30 000 medical care and nursing beds. The Third branch of YIHUA Group, YIHUA Real Estate, has developed more tha 3,3 million square meters so far, owns 6000 acres of land, and has realised a lot of projects, not only in China, but for instance in U.S., The Country in the Diamond Bar city, as one of the most famous luxury residential  communities in southern California. The fourth branch of YIHUA Group, YIHUA Capital, has been operating in sectors of banking, insurance and and investment funds. 

Mr. Djekovic has also used the opportunity to present development projects of City of Podgorica, such as the eastern stand of city stadion, building of the new shopping mall, etc.

MIPA and YIHUA GROUP has agreed to establish a email communication in order to exchange all available projects with following documentation, and Mr. Shaoxi, as sign of future fruitful cooperation, has invited representatives of MIPA to present these projects in China, where they would be his quests.