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Azmont Kumbor


By signing the Contract on the lease of the land of former military facility in Kumbor, Montenegro enabled the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic – SOCAR to gain full ownership over the range of facilities that will be built in a period of lease duration. The resort with the area of 25 hectares will be located on the shore of the Bay of Kotor, on the site of the old barracks in Kumbor town. Once complete, Portonovi will include the One&Only Portonovi, a destination wellness spa, a marina catering to super yachts, a luxury beach club, the Portonovi Arena, Conference Centre and a tennis academy. Visitors will be able to explore waterfront shops, cafes and restaurants, botanical gardens with biodiversity and eco-park, as well as a fish market and organic food market. Initially, a €250 million investment was planned. However, later a decision was made to increase the amount of investment up to €500 million. The new facility will include a network of One&Only resorts, focused on the exclusive clients. The investment will be the biggest in this area of business in SEE.