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FDI Statistics


Inflow of foreign direct investment (FDI) in Montenegro in 2016 has maintaned a stable inflow trend of 687 million €. However, it does not need to weld us, but to keep us on our toes constantly. Montenegro is strongly committed to maintenance of growing trend of growing investment and this dedication implies fewer mistakes and compromises, faster decision making and of course reduction of bureaucracy.

The structure of FDI inflow 2006-2016:

The total amount of direct foreign investments in 2016 about 70 million less against 2015, but still, by this indicator, Montenegro is far ahead of other countries in the region. The easiest way to understand the general decline of FDI is to put blame on the global economic crisis. However, there is a lot of space for improvement in dynamics of decision - making, as well as in system corrections, which confirms the data on lost investments; investments that were not implemented mainly for the reason of slow administration. Thanks to investments in the tourism sector, the southern part of Montenegro improved, and northern part is still significantly behind, it had a stable share of FDI moving in the range of 6.3% - 8.1% of total FDI in Montenegro. The inflow of foreign investment in 2017 depends on the willingness to carry out big projects.

In Montenegro, there are investors from 107 countries, leading countries are: Russia, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Cyprus. Taxes, which certainly are very important, are not the only aspect of business climate that interest foreign investors. Free trade, rule of law, smaller state role in economy are also very important. Government of Montenegro in cooperation with the economic subjects is managing to reach those goals through dedicated work and willingness to change towards European and global values.

In 2016, the largest investor in Montenegrin economy was Norway, whose invetments represents 30% of total FDI last year. Second place was taken by Italy, 28 million was invested in inter-company debt and 346k in real estates. Third place was taken by Russian Federation, 38 out of total 47 million euros Russian companies invested in real estate sector in 2016.

Equity investments amounted to 281.8 million euros, accounting for 44 percent of the total FDI inflow in 2016: total FDI in real estate were 117.4 million, and the investments in companies and banks were 159.6 million euros.

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