Easy Business Startup

You can set up limited liability company in Montenegro within four working days, with founding capital of one Euro, and by submitting three documents: Founding agreement, Bylaw and Form available at the web site : www.crps.me

Legal framework of Montenegro for encouraging foreign investments – For the purposes of performing business activities in the Republic of Montenegro foreign investors can invest into other forms of organization for performing activities or services.

Fields in which a foreign investor can invest his funds – Joint stock company (shareholder’s company, limited liability company, limited partnership and unlimited solitary liability company); Private company and private business; Contractual company; Bank and other financial organization; Cooperative; Organization for insurance and other forms of cooperation and joint business operation stipulated by the law.

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Treatment of a foreign investor compared to the treatment of a domestic investor - In the Republic of Montenegro a foreign investor can establish a company and invest in it in the manner and under the conditions which are the same as for domestic persons. This means that a foreign investor is given a national treatment, i.e. the same regulations applied for domestic investors apply to foreign investors – not any „other“ regulations which might deprive him of any rights or limit such rights.